Gift package (big)

Gift package (big)


If you want to offer something new and interesting to your loved one, then our complete gift package, which offers great taste pleasure and a restful sleep on long winter evenings, is just the right one for you.

If you wish, you can exchange individual products in the gift package for ones that suit you, or you can even complete the entire gift package yourself with products that suit you.


1. Organic raw buckwheat groats; Peeled buckwheat grain

2. Organic raw buckwheat flour 1kg; Ground buckwheat grain

3. Organic buckwheat flower tea 20g: dried buckwheat flowers

4. Organic raw buckwheat cookie 100g: Organic raw buckwheat flour (64%), butter*, egg*, cane sugar, salt

5. Organic buckwheat pasta

6. Buckwheat pillow; Feather cloth, buckwheat husks

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