Buckwheat husk pillow 40x50 cm
Buckwheat husk pillow 40x50 cm
Buckwheat husk pillow 40x50 cm

Buckwheat husk pillow 40x50 cm


Ingredients: feather fabric, buckwheat hulls

A source of good sleep - a pillow made of buckwheat!

A health-important step on the road to sweet sleep is characterized by several positive keywords:



Air permeable;

Forms the shape according to your desired head-neck shape;

Support corresponding to your body (head, neck, spine) is guaranteed for the whole night.


For allergy sufferers;

For rheumatism;

For people suffering from headache-migraine;

Has a relaxing effect in case of stress;

Prevents head sweating.

Which pillow is right for you?

Consider the width of your shoulders, the elasticity of the pillow and your favorite sleeping position;

In most cases, men need bigger and higher pillows than women;

For sleeping, it would be advisable to use pillows that cover the neck and shoulders;

The pillow should support the neck in all sleeping positions so that the neck remains a little higher than the spine.

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